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Your work is

The way you dispense medications should be, too.

tad from Intent Solutions is advanced technology designed to improve the safety of prescription drugs and ensure compliance with dosing regimens. Pills are sealed by the pharmacist, and the device automatically tracks usage, sending data in near real-time to a cloud-connected data portal so clinicians have clear insight into how medications are taken.


tad™ for Clinical Trials

tad™ automatically tracks and reports on pill dispensing from the moment clinical trial participants first access their drugs. Administrators can get patient compliance data in near-real time.


tad™ for Patient Adherence

tad™ sends automated alerts to patients’ phones so they remember to take their medication on time. Data on patient adherence is tracked via a secure cloud portal so doctors and clinicians can monitor compliance.


tad™ for Opioid Control

tad™ securely protects pills that have been sealed inside the device by a pharmacist and uses a fingerprint reader to ensure only the right person has access to the medication. And only when they’re supposed to take it. 

Learn how tad™ improves patient outcomes by providing clinicians and researchers with the data they need to provide better patient care.