Intent Solutions

When adherence is
critical to positive

tad helps patients follow their treatment regimens.

A new generation of advanced treatments requires strict dosing schedules. Hep-C, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for recovering addicts, home-based oncology treatments, and cardiac conditions require precise drug delivery regimens that depend on patient adherence. In such scenarios, tad brings clear visibility into how individuals are taking medications.

Connected to a smartphone app, tad sends alerts to patients’ phones so they remember to take their medication on time. Behind the scenes, tad automatically tracks patient adherence and sends data to the tad portal, a secure cloud-based interface where doctors and clinicians can monitor compliance.

If a patient significantly deviates from the dosing schedule, clinicians can intervene quickly to get patients back in compliance so their treatment can be successful.

Learn how tad™ improves patient outcomes by providing clinicians and researchers with the data they need to provide better patient care.