Intent Solutions

Our Company

Intent Solutions delivers the new standard for administering prescription drugs.

Like many great companies, a personal passion to do something vitally important was the spark that started Intent Solutions in 2013. Two of our founders have a friend who struggled with and recovered from opioid addiction after hip surgery. In addition, we knew that Georgia, our home state, has one of the highest numbers of prescription opioid overdose deaths in the U.S. Today, Intent Solutions’ goal is more far-reaching than tackling the opioid crisis in Georgia. In addition to instances in which drugs involved have a high potential for abuse, misuse or diversion, our secure dispensing system delivers benefits in a wide range of applications. These include clinical trials, Hepatitis C treatment, and other population health initiatives where adherence to dosing schedules is critical for patients. 

Our vision and mission

Medicine has tremendous healing power, but only if taken as directed. Some drugs can lead to the terrible perils of addiction if overused. We asked ourselves, “What would the world look like if everyone took their medicine as intended?”

The potential of medicine to restore health would be maximized. The world would be full of people living more productive lives, with less addiction and less disease.

Intent Solutions provides innovative technology that will change how critical prescription drugs are packaged, dispensed, and monitored. We want to ensure that drugs are taken only and exactly as directed, so the world can be a safer and healthier place.