Intent Solutions

How it works
for patients.
How it works
for patients.

tad removes the risk of unsecured bottles of pills in medicine cabinets at home, where they can easily get into the wrong hands. tad also helps patients stay on course with their medications – without the fear of overdose, abuse, or addiction.


1. How is tad different from my normal pill bottle?
Pills are secured in the tad device by a pharmacist. It will only release the right dose, at the right time, to the right person as verified through fingerprint identification. tad also collects and transmits data, so doctors and other health professionals can track when patients access their medicine.

2. How do I get medicine out of the container?
The device will be programmed to recognize a certain fingerprint at the time it is picked up. This fingerprint will usually be yours, but it could be a caregiver’s in some circumstances. When you press your finger against the reader, a pill is dispensed if the prescription allows.

3. How often can I get pills from the container?
As often as the prescription calls for you to take a pill. If you try to access your medicine outside of the treatment regimen, tad won’t dispense a pill, but it will note that an attempt was made.

4. Can anyone else get pills from my container?
Only if their fingerprint is also registered and programmed into the device.

5. What kind of information is being gathered by the device?
tad notes when a pill is dispensed to an authorized person. It also tracks if unauthorized people attempt to get a pill.

6. Does the tad device need to be kept in special conditions?
Store the device where you would normally keep your prescription medicines.

7. What should I do if my tad device gets lost or stolen?
Report the loss immediately to whomever originally gave it to you.

8. What do I do when the medicine is all gone?
Return the device to the same place you picked it up. If you need a refill, you will be given your new pills in a tad device programmed as before. If your prescription is complete, return the device and your tad use will be finished.