Intent Solutions

Take only and
exactly as directed.

Making the world a safer and
healthier place.

tad is Intent Solutions’ acronym for the timeless admonition “take as directed.” It’s also a tool to make sure that is precisely what happens. Tamper-proof, personalized, digitized, and connected to cloud-based data tracking portals, tad provides a better way for doctors, researchers, and public health officials to dispense and monitor prescription medicines.

Secure Delivery System
A sealed container of pills, filled and programmed by the pharmacist, will only release the right dose, at the right time.

Smart Dispenser
Fingerprint ID ensures that only the right person gets the medicine.

Smartphone App
Cloud connection provides reminders and other dosage tools so patients take their medicine as prescribed.

Data Portal
Near real-time data constantly updates with user-friendly dashboards and exception reporting so clinicians get accurate and timely data.

Learn how tad™ improves patient outcomes by providing clinicians and researchers with the data they need to provide better patient care.