Intent Solutions

Intent Solutions is following quarantine protocols and working remotely, but our team remains available to our customers and investors. To contact us, email at or call 404-721-3641. We hope you and yours stay well.

Right dose.
Right time.
Right person.
Advanced adherence.
Incremental insight.
Decreased diversion.

Introducing tad from Intent Solutions

Advanced adherence.

Improve patient outcomes by ensuring medicines
are taken exactly as directed.

Incremental insight.

Gain deeper understanding of patient
and trial participant behavior.

Decreased diversion.

Increase safety and keep patients accountable.

Patient Adherence

tad helps patients
follow their treatment


Clinical Trials

tad provides clear

insight into patient


Opioid Control

tad deters abuse,

misuse, and


Hear from our CEO, Sam Zamarripa: